Sri Lanka

DOLF NTDs Present in Sri Lanka
LF Onchocerciasis Loa Loa STH


Comparison of Filariasis Binax Test and Alere Strip Test
Cross-sectional Community Surveillance Using Filarial Antigen and Microfilaria Tests in Post Mass Drug Administered Areas in Sri Lanka
Study Sites: Galle and Matara, Sri Lanka

Results from this study agree with similar studies from other sites that find the Alere test strips are more sensitive than the Binax Now test. Preliminary studies showed that there were many false positive results by test strip when blood was collected into EDTA tubes and tested the next day. The final results were published in Parasites & Vectors.

Research for Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis
Study Sites: Galle, Sri Lanka

The DOLF project is now conducting further work on post-MDA surveillance for lymphatic filariasis with the Anti-Filariasis Campaign (AFC) using a variety of tools as described in Rao et al, 2014. This research will help improve end-game surveillance strategies in low prevalence settings where countries are nearing their elimination targets.

Washington University researchers also worked together with AFC and Sri Lankan scientists to develop a pilot project on integrated school-based surveillance for LF and soil transmitted helminth infections (Gunawardena et al, 2014.)


Reassessment of areas with persistent Lymphatic Filariasis nine years after cessation of mass drug administration in Sri Lanka  (Mosquito net photo)
PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 11(10) (October 30, 2017)

Programmatic Use of Molecular Xenomonitoring at the Level of Evaluation Units to Assess Persistence of Lymphatic Filariasis in Sri Lanka
PLoS neglected Trop. Dis 10(5):1-16 (May 19, 2016)

A comprehensive assessment of lymphatic filariasis in Sri Lanka six years after cessation of mass drug administration
PLoS Neglected Trop. Dis 8(11):e3281 (November 2014)

Integrated school based STH TAS Sri Lanka Am J Trop Med Hyg 2014
Am. J. Trop Med. Hyg. 90(4) (2014)

A comparison of two tests for filarial antigenemia in areas in Sri Lanka and Indonesia with low-level persistence of lymphatic filariasis following mass drug administration
Parasites & Vectors 8:369 (2015)

Implementation Partners

Research Collaborator:
University of Ruhuna, Filariasis Research Training & Service Unit
Galle, Sri Lanka
Dr. Channa Yahathugoda, Faculty of Medicine

Research Collaborator:
Ministry of Health, Anti Filariasis Campaign
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Dr. Devika Mendis, Director

Coordinating Investigator:
Washington University School of Medicine, The DOLF Project
St. Louis, Missouri
Dr. Ramakrishna Rao

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